PAN GROUP was established in 1974 as one of the affiliated group under Saha Group which has been a  strong base as Thai owned distribution company more than 70 years. It is the biggest shoe factory (OEM) of Thailand and one of the largest footwear production bases in the world. We have the capability to produce wide a variety of shoes for exporting more than 40 years.

There are 14 factories in 3 locations mainly, Bangkok, Ayudhya and Chainart where 3  footwear development centers are also located.

             >Bangkok Rubber Bangkok, Bangkok

             >Bangkok Rubber-Sena, Ayuttaya Province

             >and Manorom Footwear, Chainart Province


The group strengths are:
1. Professionalism in planning and manufacturing process of all varieties in any footwear types that we receive.
2. Reliability in quality from selecting raw materials, pattern adjustments, technology and equipments to choose, through overall premium craftsmanship standard. 
3. On-time Delivery, the last part that reassure our Pan Group 


Professionalism in manufacturing is shown by the productivity of the factories that impress our customers

from various parts of the world.  From Spring-summer collection to Fall-winter, sport fashion to all lifestyles,

Pan Group offers the customer our commitment to the best quality of the shoes, as partner to

the growth of the brands that we have been doing.


Moreover, PAN GROUP has the capability to produce wide varieties of shoes for exporting.

Formerly, we were the longest Nike producer for more than 30 years.

We also manufactured all kinds of shoes for well-known brands around the globe

such as Adidas, Reebook, K-Swiss, Timberland, Asics, Docker, Geox, Ecco, Nike, Keen, Lacoste, etc.


Sales turnover 500 million baht/year (20 M USD)

  • 18,000 Employees
  • 12 Manufacturing Sites
  • 7 Supporting Companies
  • 1 Athletic Marketing company
  • Production Capacity 2 Million Pairs/Month
  • 300-350 prs/ day sample shoes produced
  • 1-2 days prototype making time
  • Pattern Making by Hand, Pro-Cam (2D) and 3D upper design
  • Engineer-Pro program by Crispin-Delcam
  • Welder Machine : No-sew shoes (seamless)
  • Laser Cutting Machine for upper design and decoration
  • In-house facilities to support sample making process
    • Mold Shop
    • PU Pouring Machine
    • IP Machine
  • Separated pattern makers for different shoe profiles


We thank our customers for the trust that they gave to Pan Group and help the world to confirm that Thailand is undeniably reliable as one of the best footwear manufacturers in the world.