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Heritage of Pan-Group

After manufacturing sport shoes since 1964 under SAHA (Sahapattanapibul) group, Pan Brand was established. In 1974 we started manufacturing and marketing students shoes, sport and sport fashion shoes and sport apparels under Pan brand for domestic market. Within a few years after the launch, Pan took over the market of sport shoes in the country owing to its attractive design, comfort and affordable price.

Pan Group of companies have been expanding continously into footwear manufacturing for international famous brands with facilities in various parts of Thailand covering Bangkok, Ayudhya, Chonburi, Rayong, Kabinburi, Nakornrashasima and others, total of 52 sites, comprised with support industries that are capable of producing high quality footwear ie:- sport shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, dance shoes, winter boots and sandals for men, women and children.

Pan Group services are strengthened with versatile capacities, person-to-person design and development teams that are fully equipped with innovative machinery, 40,000 able and well-trained workforce, to achieve reliable and assured quality at reasonable cost and on time delivery. We work even harder after 40 years experience not only to satisfy our customers and make the brand grow but also to create comfort and style to the end users. Comparing cost to quality, you'll be surprised how our production end results always achieve customer requirement and satisfaction.

Our customers include Nike, Timberland, Mark& Spencer, Lacoste, Capezio, K-Swiss and others.
As of end of 2007, the total capacity of the production lines in Thailand was about 32 million pairs of footwear.

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